WB Show Dictionary

So maybe your listening to the show and you say to yourself who is “Swamp Donkey” or what’s a “Pink Hat” well we are here to help you learn..

Core 4 Yankee Fan- It’s our way of calling you a bandwagon fan, where were you in 1995
Pink Hat-  a girl who knows nothing about sports, goes to games in a pink hat or other girlie color
Stub Hub Yankee Fan- someone who buys tickets in a particular section of Yankee Stadium and then doesn’t know how to act or the rules of the section
Swamp Donkey- A former friend of Brew and Scotty, who became a complete tool when the guys started the show
Bathroom Can Wait or BCW- A player (specifically in baseball) than when they come to the plate or onto the mound you have to sit and watch no matter if a turtle is peeking his head out or not.
Chesneyvention- Happens anytime Brew needs to find meaning, requires listening to Kenny Chesney for hours
Bricker- Nick Swisher in the playoffs