Thursday, December 1, 2011


On Sunday at the New Meadowlands Stadium, the New York Jetstook on AFC East divisional rival Miami Dolphins, in the first game after the Jets 45-3 defeat to the New England Patriots.  Absent from this key AFC East rivalry game was the customary Jets vs Dolphins buzz.  No matter how each team was playing Jets-Dolphins always carried a heavyweight title fight mentality with the fans and players.  Until New York Jets Strength and Conditioning Coach Sal Alosi, a former Hofstra University football player formed a wall with 5 inactive players on a punt return and then intentionally tripped Dolphins Special Teamer Nolan Carroll.  What followed brought back visions of “Spygate” and Dolphins LB Channing Crowdercalling the Jets “Cheaters”.  

On Monday, New York Jets General Manager Mike Tannenbaumannounced that he was suspending Alosi for the remainder of the 2010 season and fining him $25,000.  After this announcement was made, sports fans and the rest of the free world started to weigh in.   Which all culminated with Wednesday’s Mike Tannenbaum conference call, in which he informed reporters that Alosi would be suspended indefinitely.  “Over the last day as we continued our investigation we discovered some new information,” Tannenbaum said. “The players at the Miami game were instructed by Sal to stand where they were forcing the gunner in the game to run around them. Based on that new information we’ve suspended Sal indefinitely, pending further review.”  Also, New York Jets Special Teams CoachMike Westhoff, said the wasn’t very appreciative of the issue that “Tripgate” has brought to him and the New York Jets Orginization.  He then went on to throw the New England Patriots under the bus stating.  When asked by the Waddle and Silvy Show on ESPN Radio 1000 in Chicago about the Patriots practice, Westhoff had this to say Asked if he’s saying the Patriots line up players to impede punt coverage teams, Westhoff elaborated: “Well, if you watch them, their defense when the opponents’ punt team is out there, they’re up there pretty close to the line, so it looks like they are trying to do it. Now are they doing anything illegal? Are they tripping anybody, heck no. I’m not saying that. That’s not the point. But, yeah, they’re lined up there. Is it making a difference? I don’t know. I really don’t know, because to tell you the truth, before this happened I never really looked at anybody’s sideline in all my years.”  

The question that I have is this. When does this stop with the New York Jets? And when does NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell say enough is enough with the New York Jets orginization in the 2010 NFL Season?  This by my count is the Jets 4th strike, well 3rd if you count the Jenn Sterger case against Brett Favre as a foul tip.  The Jets this season have had enough bad press to last the Ownership lifetime of Woody Johnson starting with “Hard Knocks” on HBO which followed the team throughout Training Camp, and we were witnesses to Rex “Bleeping” Ryan cursing more than 50 Cent on his latest single.  Which was then followed by the Ines Sainz’ Sexual Harrasment charge in which Jets team officials and players made her feel uncomfortable in the Locker Room and Practice Field.  Which was then followed by Braylon Edwards DUI arrest in which Rex Ryan and Mike Tannenbaum chose to sit him a pre-determined amount of time in their Week 3 game against Miami, but refused to suspend him from the game citing NFL CBA restrictions on the matter, which have been called into use by other teams who have had players be arrested and then subsequently suspended for the following weeks game.  The next amount of bad press occured when released 2008 voice mails and pictures that then Jets QB Brett Favre sent to then New York Jets Game hostess Jenn Sterger, in which claims that a Jets Executive gave Favre, Sterger’s cell phone number.  Which now brings us to Week 14 and “Tripgate”.  
It is my opinion that Jets’ Owner Woody Johnson needs to rope in his Orginization and tell Tannenbaum and Ryan that they need to shape up or ship out.  Do you think Johnson, who is the great-grandson of Johnson & Johnson founder Robert Wood Johnson I, would allow this sort of behavior to go on in his great-grandfathers company or in the many hospitals that bear his name? The answer is short, NO! Sal Alosi should be fired, this should not even be open to debate.  What transpired damages the integrity of the game. 

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