Thursday, December 1, 2011

UCONN: This year’s proof the BCS is all about keeping the money in the AQ conferences

Because you follow this blog, I know you are already aware of what I’m going to rant about today… But let’s consider the enormity of this statement:
UCONN is going to a BCS bowl game.
That’s right, University of Connecticut. 8-4 UCONN. With a 31-17 loss to TEMPLE…THAT UCONN.
Rutgers only beat ONE Big East team this year, and finished dead last in their conference. Who did they beat?  UCONN.
UCONN also laid an egg against Louisville, 26-0.
UCONN. To a BCS bowl. Un-freakin-believable.

Every year we see visible, tangible proof that the highest paid, most watched, biggest bowls are NOT about good match-ups. It’s about money. Our favorite sport, the sport that still has the decades-old rivalries, the excitement, the (for the most part) unpaid athletes playing for the sheer passion for the game, a game that feels as pure and as American as apple pie, is tainted beyond belief at the end of the season…year after year–and there is always some stupid match-up to prove it. And this year, it’s sending UCONN. Not because of excellence, because they belong to the monopoly…the cartel. The unbreakable brotherhood of the BCS conferences. They belong to the BIG LEAST. Traditionally, one of the weakest conferences in the cartel. So this year, yet again we see the enormous hypocrisy, the unfairness, the lack of sense the BCS is all about–and this year, it’s the Fiesta Bowl. The fact that ANY conference, no matter how lackluster and low performing, gets an auto-bid to a BCS bowl has GOT TO STOP soon.

Now, I’d like to direct a few words to UCONN:

Dear Huskies,

No disrespect to you, UCONN, but you’re not a good team. The only reason you’re invited to a big bowl, is you belong to an Automatic Qualifying Conference–The Big East. But you’re conference is mediocre–and undeserving of a BCS bid. While Oklahoma, Auburn, Oregon, Virginia Tech, and even Wisconsin HAD to beat top 25 teams–you didn’t. You just had to finish the least mediocre of a huge heap of mediocrity. It’s like you are receiving a trophy that you didn’t win, which would normally feel hollow…but this is a trophy worth millions of dollars, so it probably just feels like you won the lottery.

And you did. You didn’t work for this money. You were the recipient of a golden ticket. Does it feel good? Does it feel like you earned it? Like you belong? If any of the typical Connecticut stereotypes are accurate, maybe this just feels like regular life, with Connecticut filled with trust-fund babies and all (I know that’s not true of everyone, just saying)

So yet again, great college teams will take home pennies, and athletes who have put their heart and souls into the game, left it all on the field, and taken part of teams that have had far better success (BSU, Nevada, Utah, and about 20 other teams around the country) will be invited to C and D level bowls–you get to exhibit pure mediocrity, and win the lottery. 

Who knows what will happen. Maybe Oklahoma will overlook you like they did BSU, and Alabama did Utah, but you don’t belong in a big game.

Sorry, but it’s the truth.


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