Thursday, December 1, 2011

Whats Brewin Tonight at 9pm!

Join George and all the gang for the latest goings on in the sports world on Whats Brewin tonight at 9.  So what could be on this great list of things that could be happening.  Well it goes a little something like this.
– Intros
– Bag The Pats?  Okay maybe not or there could be the GB stall technique.
– Coach Firing is always a fun topic.
– Giant Demolition
– The Jets’ Great Escape
– Break
– George goes all Hot Stove for us….including a joyous Sunday Night baseball news event.
– Derek Jeter contract reports
– Cliff Lee thumb surgery?
– Free Agent lack of frenzy….
– Break
– The hockey half hour where we lose George…..
– Devils and Rangers updates
– Some fun stuff like the WWE distracting us?
– Break
– The final curtain… scoring updates
– Anything goes…..
– What we have learned tonight
– Archive time
So come join us crazy sports fans as we talk about sports in a way that you want to hear about it.  Get in on this at 1-646-929-2192 and Pastor Pat we want to hear from you after that Indy loss yesterday.  Yes that is exactly what we thought.  You got nothing!  At any rate, 9pm ET tonight…be there!

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