Thursday, December 1, 2011


While I was reading USA Today, this afternoon, I saw the following story that caught my eye.

Mets are giving away limited number of free tickets to Yankees series

The New York Mets are giving away free tickets to the Yankees series this weekend.
Now before fans go running to the ticket office, it’s a small number of “high-priced, premium seats that probably wouldn’t sell.”
But the fact that the Mets can’t sell out the Subway series with the Yankees is remarkable.
Mets executive Dave Howard said that the Mets, with their “declining attendance figures under scrutiny,” have offered the free tickets to a select number of former season-ticket holders.
The average home attendance at Citi Field is 31,891 fans per game, down from 38,941 in 2009.
By Scott Boeck
WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA.  How the hell can you not sell tickets, for YANKEES VS METS!!! Winning breeds ticket sales.  The Mets have been selling Summer 4 packs of tickets that have been forced down your throat, every time you watch a game on SNY.  If there has not been a bigger outcry of the fans to the Wilpons, to fire Jerry Manuel and/or Omar Minaya, this HAS to be it.  When your fans are not geeked up to see the Subway Series, YOU HAVE TO MAKE A MOVE.  I have a strong distaste for the Mets but this is ridiculous.  In other news, the Jets are in trouble of being blacked out this season if they don’t sell PSL’s. I blame SNY.

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