Thursday, December 1, 2011

Derek Jeter wants HOW MUCH?!?!?!?!?!

Happy Black Friday to all, hope you are still not suffering from Turkey Hangover.  Are you ready for the Season to be Greedy, Fa La La La La La La La La? Internet rumors are abound with New York Yankees Captain Derek Jeter’s latest ridiculous contract demand of 6 years at 150 Million Dollars. ( Insert Dr. Evil sinister laugh here.)
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As originally stated in this fine ( and I mean fine) blog, my belief is that the Yankees were going to offer Derek Jeter a 3 year, 45 million dollar contract. Once again, say it with me “George is Wise” about the offer that Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman did offer Derek Jeter and his agent Casey Close.  (isn’t it truly upsetting when you know the agent’s name)  The first thing that I thought when I heard this was how hard can I laugh until I start crying or start bleeding.  In recent days, since I began writing this blog entry, I know I am a slacker, but that’s what the NFL can do to you, Jeter and his agent have brought their demands down to 22-25 million, which still makes me laugh.  Whichever of the usually set of pundits that you get your news from or whatever blog you may normally read (shame on you for reading somewhere other than this one) you have read every reason for why the Yankees should cave into Derek Jeter’s ridiculous demands. Well, my trusty friends this is the one place where you will read why the Yankees shouldn’t.
So as many of you know, the Yankees have a in-house rule about negotiating contracts before they have expired, well as Lee Corso says “Not so fast, my friend”  The Yankees HAVE attempted to sign Derek Jeter to a new contract in the off seasons before the 2009 and 2010 season.  During each of these attempts The Jeter Camp, has balked at each of these attempts by the Yankees to strike up a deal and undoubtedly the crap storm of bad publicity that each side is receiving at this very moment.  The contract that you have to imagine the Yankees offered Jeter after last season, must have been, in my opinion. a lot more than 15 million per year.
The problem that the Yankees are having with giving Derek Jeter a 4-6 year deal is that, they have made mistakes in long term contracts before with a player over the age of 35, see Jorge Posada’s 4yr 52 million deal signed after the 2007 season and how his health and production have decreased and the fact that Posada has been against playing any other position than Catcher.  To give Derek Jeter a long term deal would in fact hurt the Yankees going forward in the future.  Why?  You are asking yourself is simple.  With the uncertainty that will be the 2012 CBA and the Yankees desperately needing to get younger in many positions tying up an additional 45-75 million dollars in a 36 going on 37 year old Short Stop doesn’t help them to get younger, also with the CBA uncertainty, no one knows what could become of the soft salary cap that is in place right now.   The other problem is where do you play Jeter presumably in years 3-6 of that contract.  In year 3 of this new deal Jeter will be 39, asking a 39 year old to play SS every day, while trying to give Alex Rodriguez at-bats as the DH, would be detrimental to the team going forward.
I’m not saying, that Derek Jeter shouldn’t be a Yankee in 2011, I am just saying that both sides need to figure this out and soon.  Jeter’s camp needs to realistically remember that his open market value is near 8 million per year, if that.  The Yankees need to realize that Jeter is a once in a lifetime player.  It can be debated and it will here in the next couple of weeks what Derek Jeter means to the Yankees.  For now I will leave you to ponder what has been written and in the upcoming days, will throw some more at you.  Thanks for reading.

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