Thursday, December 1, 2011

Whats Brewin Tonight!

So Chili was finally sacked today.  If you picked the former Minnesota Vikings Coach to go first in our Coach Dead Pool, then you won.  The reality is unless you were abducted by aliens for the past year, you would have known that Mr. Childress had the look of dead man walking for about almost the whole NFL season.
John MacLean is believed to be next and maybe Brent Sutter or Tom Coughlin can enter the tournament as well.  So what is going to go on with the show tonight when it starts at 9pm ET?  Well I think its time for one of those newfangled show outlines.
– Intros
– George goes on and on about the Patriots
– The sad state of the Giants…injuries, Eli, and STOP DROP AND SLIDE NOT ROLL!
– More on how the Jets stepped in a pile of lucky doo-doo yet again.
– Break
– Time for hockey where George buys a can of dip.
– Can NJ save John MacLean’s job?
– Is there actually a goaltending controversy in Gotham?
– Even Howie Rose has given up on the Islanders
– Break
– WWE starts tonight….will John Cena be hired back?
– Who is the new GM?
– We talk Derek Jeter contract negotiations
– Break
– The last half hour free for all
– Preview on what is coming up for the week
– We play with social media…..
– What We Learned Tonight
– Aloha means GTFO!
We hope you can join us for the fun and craziness all at Whats Brewin.  The phone number to call in is 1-646-929-2192.  Hope to see you there.


Chris Wassel

Executive Producer Of Whats Brewin

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